The Fleet Valley

  • Cardoness

    Wide open sands - tide out at Cardoness.

  • Carrick Shore
    Carrick Shore

    Tide in and looking across to Ardwall Isle from Islemouth Bay, Carrick.

  • Carrick Shore
    Carrick Shore

    Looking to Ardwall Isle from Carrick Shore, early June.

  • Carrick Bay
    Carrick Bay

    Sailing in to Carrick Bay.

  • The Rutherford Monument
    The Rutherford Monument

    Looking from Trusty's Hill to the Fleet Estuary.

  • The valley in autumn
    The valley in autumn

    Looking up the valley from the Rutherford Monument.

  • The Fleet Valley in winter
    The Fleet Valley in winter

    A thin covering of snow decorates the valley in winter. 

  • Cally Woods
    Cally Woods

    Early spring and the wild garlic out in Cally Woods.

  • Bluebells

    Killiegowan Wood in springtime.

  • Reflections on the Fleet
    Reflections on the Fleet

    Trees along the bank cast shadows on the Fleet, mid-valley, below Castramont Wood.

  • The road to the top of the valley
    The road to the top of the valley

    On the road up the valley near Rusko House.

  • Castramont Wood
    Castramont Wood

    An old beech tree in Castamont Wood.

  • Cairnsmore of Fleet
    Cairnsmore of Fleet

    Looking to the top of the valley with Clints of Dromore and Cairnsmore of Fleet.

  • The Big Water of Fleet Viaduct
    The Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

    The nineteen-arch viaduct crosses the valley near the Dromore Visitor Centre at the top of the valley.