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The Fleet Valley

  • Cardoness

    Wide open sands - tide out at Cardoness.

  • Carrick Shore
    Carrick Shore

    Tide in and looking across to Ardwall Isle from Islemouth Bay, Carrick.

  • Carrick Shore
    Carrick Shore

    Looking to Ardwall Isle from Carrick Shore, early June.

  • Carrick Bay
    Carrick Bay

    Sailing in to Carrick Bay.

  • The Rutherford Monument
    The Rutherford Monument

    Looking from Trusty's Hill to the Fleet Estuary.

  • The valley in autumn
    The valley in autumn

    Looking up the valley from the Rutherford Monument.

  • The Fleet Valley in winter
    The Fleet Valley in winter

    A thin covering of snow decorates the valley in winter. 

  • Cally Woods
    Cally Woods

    Early spring and the wild garlic out in Cally Woods.

  • Bluebells

    Killiegowan Wood in springtime.

  • Reflections on the Fleet
    Reflections on the Fleet

    Trees along the bank cast shadows on the Fleet, mid-valley, below Castramont Wood.

  • The road to the top of the valley
    The road to the top of the valley

    On the road up the valley near Rusko House.

  • Castramont Wood
    Castramont Wood

    An old beech tree in Castamont Wood.

  • Cairnsmore of Fleet
    Cairnsmore of Fleet

    Looking to the top of the valley with Clints of Dromore and Cairnsmore of Fleet.

  • The Big Water of Fleet Viaduct
    The Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

    The nineteen-arch viaduct crosses the valley near the Dromore Visitor Centre at the top of the valley.

Fishing Pools on the River Fleet

Fishing Pools on the Fleet
Fishing Pools on the Fleet

Rivers often have local names for the various pools and favoured banks on the river - particularly for fishermen.  The Fleet is no exception and this map, which can be downloaded as a pdf, has the names of many locations along the river.  The map is from the Gatehouse Folk website which has a wealth of historical information, old photos and postcards.  It is the work of local residents Graham and Margaret Wright.