The Project

How to take part

To take part you need to register with us, which can be done on the site here, by phone (01557 814099/814458) or by calling in to the Mill.  Having access to the internet would be useful though as much of the support and forum for the site is online.

The project is open to all - no experience is necessary.  Once you are registered you will be kept informed of forthcoming events and invited to join the online group.

If you are an experienced songwriter you may simply submit a song to the project.  But we would also welcome your input and support if you would like to give it.

If you are new to songwriting we hope to help you with the skills to produce or contribute to a song.  We welcome writers and poets who would contribute writing or poems to the project.  We hope that some of this might lead to useful collaborations between writers and musicians.

The objective is to celebrate our wonderful area here in and around Gatehouse - the Fleet Valley all the way from the estuary to Cairnsmore at the top of the valley.  Songs and writings should engage with the landscape or the town of Gatehouse in some way - its natural environment, the people, or its history.