Events and Activities

Feis Rois Ceilidh Trail : 10 August 2017

Join the young performers of the Feis Rois programme at Dromore Visitor Centre

Fèis in Scottish Gaelic means “festival” or “feast.” Over the past three decades, the word Fèis has become synonymous with the Fèisean movement (Fèisean is the plural of Fèis). It has come to mean a tuition festival, usually for children and young people, which celebrates the music and song culture connected with the Gaelic language.  Rois is the Gaelic word for Ross-shire, the home area in which we are based.

Through its Ceilidh Trail programme, Fèis Rois offers summer employment to 15 young musicians each year. The successful applicants are divided into 3 bands with 5 musicians in each band. One of the bands will be visiting the Dromore NNR Visitor Centre in August and the Fleet Reflection Project will meet up with the tour there for one of our planned workshops in conjunction with their visit.